The Creature Of The Beast

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In France in the late 1760’s, there was an atrocity that involved around one hundred animal-attack deaths caused by one creature, the infamous Beast of Gevaudan. Per Jaime Hill, the beast was the size of a horse and looked like a bear, hyena, wolf, and panther hybrid. It had a long wolf or pig-like snout. Many researchers believed there were at least two, or more than two, beasts roaming the area. The color of the beast changed every time the beast was spotted; it would go from red to red with grey and white patches to red with stripes. Sometimes there would even be no red, it may just be black or white. Locals believed it to be a werewolf, or a sorcerer who shapeshifted into a monstrous predator to feed on human flesh. The beast was also…show more content…
June of 1767, a man said the beast could be killed, that he had found a way. He said he needed a holy bullet made of silver, blessed by a holy man. He takes the ammunition into the forest and arrives back to the village with a wolf. Villagers agree it is the beast and no beast is spotted afterwards. In 2000, historians notice things do not add up; a wolf cannot remove someone’s clothes. In 2011, researchers concluded that Jean trained the wolf, killed the people, and then killed the wolf to make it look like a beast. Still to this day, no one knows for sure what happened (“Mysteries at the Museum” n.p.).
Per World of Mythology, the attacks of the beast started in 1764. People all around hunted every wolf they could find, hoping it would be the beast, but the attacks continued. In 1765, Francois Antoine killed a large grey wolf, but the attacks continued Also in 1765, a doctor came across a man in a wolf suit assaulting a woman and killed him but the attacks still went on. Finally, a man by the name Jean Chastel discovered that if a silver bullet is blessed by a church, it could kill the beast. Chastel got three silver bullets blessed by the local church and went into the woods, returning with a dead wolf. This was the final attack on a wolf by the time the attacks stopped. Chastel said he went into the woods and found the giant wolf. He was the size of a horse and looked like a panther and wolf hybrid. He
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