The Creatures Of The Mountains Of Ankar

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High up on the mountains of Ankar, resided an ancient breed of dragon. They were fire dragons, and were used to the frosty, high peaks they inhabited. Living for thousands upon thousands of years, these creatures ruled atop their mountain. Ruling as they please, and doing as they liked to the beings below them. They soared high in the sky without a fear in the world. For a long while, however, a dragon egg has not appeared. Until one day, as if a gift from heaven, a dragon egg appeared at the foot of the mountain. The egg was smaller and differently colored than the ones that they were used to. The dragons brought the egg atop the mountain and awaited for the appearance of another of their kin. They kept the egg inside a cave. Every day, they would keep the egg warm by breathing fire into the cave. Each dragon did their part, and they waited. They kept waiting in anticipation, day by day, watching the precious egg. However, years passed on to no avail and they started to lose hope, until signs of life started to appear from the egg. The egg wobbled and shook with excitement. The dragons surrounded the egg, waiting for the first crack to appear. They were all closely crowded inside the small cave. From above, it was a sea of brightly colored red, orange, and yellowish-brown scales. Their scales glowed brightly in the cave even though there was little light, but they paled in comparison to the glow of the egg. It radiated with a bluish light. The light, it seems, gave…
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