The Creatures Of The Mountains Of Ankar

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High up on the mountains of Ankar, resided an ancient breed of dragon. They were fire dragons, and were used to the frosty, high peaks they inhabited. Living for thousands upon thousands of years, these creatures ruled atop their mountain. Ruling as they please, and doing as they liked to the beings below them. They soared high in the sky without a fear in the world. For a long while, however, a dragon egg has not appeared. Until one day, as if a gift from heaven, a dragon egg appeared at the foot of the mountain. The egg was smaller and differently colored than the ones that they were used to. The dragons brought the egg atop the mountain and awaited for the appearance of another of their kin. They kept the egg inside a cave. Every day,…show more content…
It was a feeling of happiness. They watched in awe as the first crack appears. Light emanated from the egg. Finally, the baby poked its head out of its shell. Its eyes were closed as it breached the shell but then they were wide open. Its eyes were filled with curiosity as it surveyed its surroundings. It made a small purring sound and yawned.

The dragons awed, making a sound of approval. Some ran outside and blew scorches of fire into the air, signifying the appearance of another dragon. Other dragons flying through the air looked towards the commotion and joined the crowd. When everything had quieted down, one dragon began to speak. His scales were a bright red-orange and his eyes were furrowed in concentration, even to the point of seeming like anger. His voice resonated and sounded like he was talking through water. “Look, his scales aren’t even red.” The other dragons were so excited about the birth of a baby dragon that they didn’t see that what he said was true. The cave began to be filled with concerned murmurs. One of the dragon elders stepped forward, Grandine, and grabbed the baby dragon gently. She cradled him in her arms and spoke to the crowd. “We cannot judge the child now, we can only wait and see.” The noise quieted down, but there was still murmurs. Decades passed by and the dragon slowly grew. He adapted well into the colony of fire dragons and everyone had called him Criosis but there was still others who saw him as an outsider.
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