The Credibility Of E-Cigarettes

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On the contrary to the general concept and motif behind the production of e-cigarettes, several studies have proven that these electronic devices that were created as an unassailable and riskless alternative to derail and overcome one’s cigarette addiction and dependency, happen to be equally as harmful and destructive as the nicotine infused drug. Maria Mironidou Tzouveleki, Evanthia Tzitzi, and Panagiotis Tzitzis stated “The vapour of e-cig contains toxic and dangerous substances as the smoke of conventional cigarette but in different quantities.” (Mironidou Tzouveleki, Tzitzi, 2015, p. 235.) Ever since e-cigarettes made their debut in the market back in 2003, researches had their doubts and implications about this particular substitutive
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