The Credibility of a Media Story

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If, to elaborate, the author sees both sides of incident and steps out of his or hoer own agenda in the way that he or she characterizes it, and if he makes great attempts to see it in a dispassionate way despite his political and ideological leanings and perspective.
Other ways that the story achieves creditability is if the author abstains from ideologically loaded words such as ' enemy', 'fundamentalist' and so forth. This is particularly difficult when writing from an involved, and culturally biased perspective.
Thirdly, the author by quoting credible sources and this is particularly so for a scientific-based article indicates his creditability in this way. The more complete sources that he or she quotes with full details and facts all of this adds to his credibility. Numbers and facts (such s names, dates and so forth) also add to the creditably of the news source and, in the case of a controversial article, inclusion of both sides of the story provides greater credibility.
Credibility can also be injected by individuals outside of the author's political affiliations being interviewed and their opinions elicited.
Then too, credibility is seen as the timeliness factor. If the story occurs disjointed to the event, namely if it is not current, or if it is recorded as something with great lapse in history, it is bound to cause aspersion on the rest of the story.
Similarly, too…
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