The Cree And The Lakota

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Saskatchewan was focused upon in this essay for two reasons. The first being that the author had lived in that province for the majority of time they have been in Canada and so is more familiar with the various customs and cultures that exist in the place. The second reason is that the natives have lived on this land for tens of thousands of years, hence an incredible amount of diversity exists among the cultures here . The two cultures focused upon in this essay are the Cree and the Lakota.
The Cree constitute the largest indigenous group in Canada, with over 200,000 members living in Canada alone . Scientists believe that the Cree descended from the people who crossed the Bering Strait during the last Ice age. Evidence suggests
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Hence they were sent to the spider. The Spider agreed that he would take them to the land below but only if they obeyed his instructions. They were to sit in a basket woven from spider silk, and the spider would lower them there. However, only one of them was allowed to look out of the basket till they touched the ground, if not they would get stuck on the great eagle’s nest. The couple agreed. They sat in the basket and started being lowered down with only one of them looking out (notice the omission of gender here). Soon land was visible, then the river, the lakes and finally the trees. When the one that was peeping out told the other of the wondrous sights, the other jumped up to watch and so, they both got stuck on the great eagle’s nest. They were stuck there for many days and were refused help from the caribou and the lynx. Many days later a bear showed up and agreed to bring them down from the nest. Once down, the bear guided them and taught them how to live .
In this story, the man in this story is the animus and the woman is the anima. The Syzygy in this story is not directly represented. However, it can interpreted to be the voice the couple heard, who is none other than Kisemanito, or the Great Spirit, who is the creator and ‘God’ for the Cree. Kisemanito doesn’t hold any human attributes including gender , hence fits perfectly within the category of a Syzygy. This
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