The Crench Revolution : The Achievements Of The French Revolution

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Bob Marley once said, “Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life”. This quote was interpreted to mean that if you want something you have to fight for it or else things will never change. The French revolution is a prime example of this quote because everyone during this era fought for something to make a difference, even if it was over something small. For instance, when the women, even some men, marched to Versailles to demand that the king lower the bread prices so that their children will not starve as well as themselves. Today that seems like a small victory, however during the revolution it made a significant difference because it shows the lack of power the king had. There are many things that had influenced the Revolution and looking at the accomplishments, failures, groups of people you can see all that influenced today’s world and as well as theirs.
When reading about the French revolution there are many things that stood out that were great accomplishments. For instance, they got rid of kings, introduced a farrier tax system, and gave the people the freedom to practice different religions. The most important, however, were the rights that people were given. Before the revolution, the common people were not treated like people, they were treated like criminals, thieves, royal pains and so on. There did not seem to be any good in anyone that was not of nobility. Then things started to change though, people started to fight
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