The Crew Of The Endurance, By Ernest Shackleton

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be in charge of 28 men stuck floating endlessly on the ice floes on the bottom of the world? That’s what Ernest Shackleton and his crew dealt with from 1914-17, after their ship sunk under Antarctic ice. The crew was made up of people from everywhere in the world, with different jobs, benefits, upsides and downsides, and there are even some crew members who I would not include in the crew of the expedition. This is why I think Shackleton made good choices in the crew members. Really, there was two crews, one that went with the Aurora, and the other went with the Endurance. In this essay i’ll be focusing on the crew of the Endurance. The leader of the expedition was Ernest Shackleton, an experienced polar explorer who had good knowledge of the terrain. The rest of the crew was carefully picked by Shackleton. 5000 people applied for the expedition, but only these people were picked. The second in command was Frank Wild, since he was very much like Shackleton, he was in charge of the 21 Men still on Elephant…show more content…
The crew featured many scientists, such as Wordie, Clark and Hussey, and doctors and medical personnel like Macklin, Mcllroy, and James. However, some of the crew members might have had a negative impact on the crew, like Vincent, who was known to be a troublemaker and was demoted because of it. Or Orde-Lees who was lazy and would never work, and was generally hated by everyone. You could also put McNeish, who rebelled on the ice against Shackleton when Endurance sank. Most of the crew had relevant experience at sea, some of them even having the polar experience already. Some of the crew were military, giving them good discipline and patience. The only person not to have a set job was Blackborow, because he wasn’t even supposed to be on the ship, and Shackleton wasn’t prepared for
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