The Crime And Crime Prevention

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In the world there are many social problems and most of them affect each and every one of us, such as cancer or Ebola. One that stands out is the rise in crime in America. Crime is huge in America although law enforcement say they are doing something about and have it handled, the truth is it is out of control. Stated in America.Net in an article online “Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at the Project Safe Neighborhoods annual conference in New Orleans on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 and endorsed three crime control strategies. Law enforcement through cooperative efforts between police, community and prosecutors to reduce violent crime, and the incarceration of high-risk offenders. Project Safe Neighborhoods. Crime prevention by addressing underlying social issues. Reentry programs to assist offenders returning from prison.” If these programs are being put in place then there should be a decreased incidence of crime in America. People can 't even leave their homes without having to worry if something is going to happen to them. This is a growing concern in America, but what is America doing to prevent this from happening? There are many organizations working on the issue of crime to reduce the number of incidences. There is one main contributing factor lead increases the likelihood of crime and that is poverty. However, it is ironic that although poverty is a not so pleasant thing, it is needed to prevent communism and the risk of taking our freedom away as stated as a

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