The Crime Coefficient Of The Correctional Facility

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From the moment they were born, all humans were categorised into either regular people or latent criminals. This was all judged by a person 's crime coefficient – a number between zero and five hundred which determined the likelihood of one committing a crime. This was usually calculated based on emotion, but some were unfairly born with crime coefficients above or dangerously close to one hundred which was the cut off mark as far as The System was concerned. The System placed latent criminals into The Correctional Facility where potential burdens to society were either given therapy or handed to the police department as hunting dogs if they scored enough on several aptitude tests taken at some point in their lives. Lev 's father, an inspector for the police department, used to tell him these “hunting dogs” (better known as enforcers) were actually pleasant mundane people which Lev had always found peculiar. How The System categorised people was unknown, but it was definitely flawed. Lev had seen it happen several times before after growing to work under his father at the police department. Seemingly regular people committing crimes which negatively effected the victims, usually from having fear or anguish evoked upon them causing their crime coefficients to rise instead of the culprits. It was unfair. Human emotion couldn 't be judged by cold, unknowing machines. Lev couldn 't even say any of this aloud, lest The System heard and tossed him into The Correctional Facility.
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