The Crime Coefficient Of The Correctional Facility

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From the moment they were born, all humans were categorised into either regular people or latent criminals. This was all judged by a person 's crime coefficient – a number between zero and five hundred which determined the likelihood of one committing a crime. This was usually calculated based on emotion, but some were unfairly born with crime coefficients above or dangerously close to one hundred which was the cut off mark as far as The System was concerned. The System placed latent criminals into The Correctional Facility where potential burdens to society were either given therapy or handed to the police department as hunting dogs if they scored enough on several aptitude tests taken at some point in their lives. Lev 's father, an…show more content…
That doubt was exactly what drove Lev towards The Correctional Facility in the first place. He 'd have been called a madman if he told anyone else, so he decided to go alone to clarify something that could unravel the whole System. After witnessing his partner getting slaughtered during an investigation, his father 's crime coefficient shot up due to distress and he was instantly carted off to The Correctional Facility. But there was no explanation as to what they were going to do. No mention of therapy, no mention of his father being demoted to a mere enforcer, no nothing. In fact, the only reason Lev knew his father was taken to The Correctional Facility in the first place was because he happened to have very limited access to documents concerning inhabitants of the building thanks to his job.

Lev was running out of time and he knew it. The tranquilliser he shot at the man preciously using the main office 's computer would only last for a limited time. He had more darts which he was more than willing to use if it could bring him closer to finding out the truth about his father, but they 'd just make it easier to detain him. God only knew what they 'd do... Lev rummaged through folder after folder on the computer, cursing and slamming his fist down on the keyboard upon finding his search attempts to be fruitless. After going through such a struggle to enter the accursed building in the first place, he
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