The Crime Control Model Is The Most Important Function Of The Criminal Justice System

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The Crime Control Model is by far the most important function of the criminal justice system. The crime control model stresses the need for efficiency and speed to generate a high rate of apprehension while dealing with limited resources. In the crime control model a presumption of guilt exists prior to a suspect becoming a defendant. Police departments can exhibit different structures and procedures under the crime control model by adopting the mission of crime prevention and control, using the strategy of preventative patrol, and displaying the quasi-military organizational style from the first modern police department.
Police departments are controlled at the state, local, and federal level but sometimes lack of the cooperation and coordination among fellow police departments or law enforcement agencies. Some researchers believe that police could not impact crime but police are able to function by using traditional enforcement methods of arrest with the belief that they can impact individual crime patterns by arresting individuals. Some police departments primarily operated by rapid response policing, random patrol policing, and reactive investigations policing which in turn have displayed a failure to reduce and prevent crime.
Data analysis that can directly impact and reduce crime such as the COMPSTAT conveys a transformation in policing embracing and incorporating some of the more effective strategies. By controlling serious crime police are better composed to
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