The Crime Of Criminal Justice

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When it Comes to Criminals Violence and crime have been splattered on the pages of history for centuries. Sadly, however, they will be part of the future as well. Is being a police officer or investigator as cool as they make it seem on television? Criminal Minds is just one of the many investigative television shows that keep its audience pondering over the reality of crimes. "Criminal Minds portrays the psychologist as having a more active role than they really do," explained Marc T. Zucker, academic chair of the undergraduate School of Criminal Justice at Kaplan University, in one article. "We all love the thrill of the chase and arrest, however, psychologists don 't typically accompany officers in the apprehension of suspects. Still as cool as it seems on television? Yes because notorious criminals like Bonnie and Clyde, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy have rewritten the definition of crime over and over throughout the years and criminal psychologist have been there to figure out why. The criminal mind fascinates us, but not everyone can handle the dark side of a criminal. Investigative psychologists study how the behaviors of known offenders can be used to understand and predict future crimes. These specific psychologists are better known to the public as criminal profilers. A profiler would typically work for a government agency, such as the FBI or a local law enforcement agency. The work of a profiler includes studying hundreds of cases of known criminals and
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