The Crime Of Entertainment Television Shows Have Been Fascinated With Violence And Murders

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Entertainment television shows have been fascinated with violence and murders. The purpose of this paper is to examine season three and season ten of Law and Order: SVU to compare variables of the victims, perpetrators, age, race, sex, motive, who solves the cases, the outcome of the perpetrators and the type of crime that is being committed. The findings of this paper states that majority of the victims are children and/or teenagers, white, and females; while the perpetrators are middle aged white men who prey on strangers. In addition, there are explanations why majority of the victims are women and not men.
Crime television shows have captured millions of individual’s attention in the United States of America. Rape is considered to be the only crime in which a victim must prove that male or female did not give consent to the offender. Sexual assault is involuntary sexual contact that occurs through the actor’s use of force, coercion or the victim’s incapacitation (Thomson 2015). When researching sexual violence there are four types of rape: female to female, female to male, male to female, and male to male. Research shows that white female’s victims are often exaggerated through crime-related television shows, while African Americans are emphasized offenders and inflate the proportion of all crime. Studying how victims of both men and women are portrayed in the media may allow society to understand the importance of eliminating gender norms and expected…
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