The Crime Of Entertainment Television Shows Have Been Fascinated With Violence And Murders

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Entertainment television shows have been fascinated with violence and murders. The purpose of this paper is to examine season three and season ten of Law and Order: SVU to compare variables of the victims, perpetrators, age, race, sex, motive, who solves the cases, the outcome of the perpetrators and the type of crime that is being committed. The findings of this paper states that majority of the victims are children and/or teenagers, white, and females; while the perpetrators are middle aged white men who prey on strangers. In addition, there are explanations why majority of the victims are women and not men.
Crime television shows have captured millions of individual’s attention in the United States of America. Rape is
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Crime drama series normally follow a two part approach: the first half-hour is the investigation of the crime committed which are usually a murder and the apprehension of the suspect while the second half of the show is the prosecution of the defendant. There is at least one police officer that ends the rules to serve justice. The end of the program can create powerful images of the crime, and characteristics of the offender and victim. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is on of NBC’S most top rated series that focuses more on the youth victims than any other “Law & Order” program, “CSI:NY”,” CSI: Miami”, or “NYPD Blue” (Nielson Media Research 2006). The age of a victim is one of the inclusive characteristics that lead to “special victim.” Detective Elliot Stabler and Detective Olivia Benson on SVU” demonstrates the struggle of handling cases of child molestation. The quote “Nobody can handle children” is inevitable when it comes to this show because this shows a sensitive subject matter addressed consisting of primarily brutal rapes and homicides. The show supports an “elite squad” called the Special Victims Unit (SVU) as they investigate and prosecute “sexually motivated offenses.”
I will be looking at season three and season ten of Law & Order SVU to focus findings on race of victim and perpetrator, the sex of the victim and perpetrator, age of victim and perpetrator, the relationship between the victim and perpetrator, the type of crime
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