The Crime Of Gun Control

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Is there a more heinous act than to kill a child? After an event like a school shooting, our anger drives us to seek different ways to prevent a similar event from ever happening again. In an attempt to do so, we focus on guns as the cause of the problem and try to put more regulations in place. Who would not want regulations on gun ownership and establish places where guns are prohibited, like schools, if it would prevent or help reduce these crimes from happening? However, statistics have shown that gun regulations are ineffective in reducing gun related crimes and may actually increase the occurrence of them, ultimately leading to an increasing death toll. The gun is not committing the crime; it is the person pulling the trigger. We need to be focused on the criminal committing the crime, not the tool involved (the gun). Proposing more gun control laws, including implementing more places where guns are banned, will not prevent tragic mass shootings nor will it reduce gun related crime rates; instead, attention should be placed on identifying the people who perpetrate these attacks before they happen. The topic of gun control has been fiercely debated in recent years. There are passionate supporters on both sides of the issue as to whether or not there should be more regulations on guns. The main purpose of those who favor gun control is to prevent violent crime involving guns. Those that oppose more gun regulations say that gun laws will not reduce gun related…
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