The Crime Of Human Trafficking

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It is an approximated that 2.4 million throughout the world are trafficked each year. The countries that traffic humans the most are due to complicated issues. These issues can be "affecting those who are female, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and from marginalized ethnicities" (Golbya, 2015, p. 28). This crime of human trafficking is also more complex than other crimes, because it generally does not account for other circumstances. Other circumstances include, immigrants, runaways, and individuals that order wives to name a few. The UN defines human trafficking as an act "related to kidnapping, forcible confinement, debt bondage, forced labour [sic], cross–border exploitation, and the recruitment and harbouring [sic] of persons (Golbya, 2015, p. 28). The role of the government in counter-trafficking programs is the predominant in the prosecution of Human traffickers. Although prosecution is not the remedy for this crime, but just penalizing the offender is not enough.
Prevention should be a key part in lessening and stopping human trafficking. Nowadays there is more and more support "for the idea that action to combat [trafficking in human beings] must not only be based in criminal law, but must also utilize other fields of law, especially labor law and migration law" (Jägers, 2014, p 48). Human trafficking and labor exploitation is now considered the modern day version of slavery. There should be a uniform act on human trafficking that all countries can agree to. The

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