The Crime Of Organized Crime

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When I hear the term organized crime, I associate it with “The Mafia”, “Scarface”, and “Cartels”. Organized crime can be defined in a variety of ways. It is an ongoing criminal enterprise that is wisely working to generate profit engaging in illegal activities depending on demand, where its presence is preserve through force, intimidations, and corruption. According to the FBI, organized crime is basically a group of transnational, national, or local alliances of highly centralized enterprises run by crooks who make illicit profit or money through illegal and often violent activities (Abadinsky, 1981, p. 2).
The Task Force on Organized crime states that, “the core of organized crime activity is the supplying of illegal goods and services-gambling, loan- sharking, narcotics and other forms of vice- to countless numbers of citizen customers” (Abadinsky, 1981, p. 267). However, the business of organized frequently consists of activities that are neither services nor goods, instead they are undoubtedly scrounging. The connection among illicit business and organized crime can take one of three following forms: first we have the parasitic form, where associates of a criminal organization extract money from illegal businesspersons by intimidating them with violence (Abadinsky, 1981, p. 267). The second from is reciprocal: members of a criminal organization require genuine or illegal entrepreneurs to pay a secure or percentage sum, then in return they deliver services like limiting
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