The Crime Of The Criminal Justice Field

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Sir William Blackstone once said “Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer”. Television shows exemplify a pretty good aspect of the issues that people face in the Criminal Justice field. Criminal justice is not just police officers, there are many more fields that a person can get into. Even though there are issues within this field, there are plenty of benefits in the field as well. There is more to criminal justice than what meets the eye. There are problematic issues, an abundance of different jobs in this field, and there are plenty of long-term and short-term benefits that come along with the badge.
To start things off, the main issue with the criminal justice field, is that to even get into the field is relatively competitive. According to the Bureau of Statistics, Justice Expenditure, and Employment in the United States (2009), “there was a total of 1,479,255 local 779,318 state and 227,436 federal law enforcement, judicial and legal, and corrections” (p. 13). So with that being said as of 2009 there was a whopping 2,486,009 people employed in the criminal justice field, and it has been increasing ever since. It is a competitive field to get into, if in 2009 the number of employees was more than 2 million and it has been collective since. Now that it is 6 years later who is to say it will be any easier to get into the field with such a demand in criminal justice careers. Competitiveness is just the main issue in this field, but there are
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