The Crime Of The Criminal Justice Field

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I’m one of those people who think most people are good people. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and try not to judge anyone too harshly or prematurely. Do I think everyone is a good person? No, but I think some may have had a much more challenging life than others. Do I think everyone knows right from wrong? No, but I think many people can be rehabilitated, and can have a successful second chance. I like to keep a positive outlook on society as a whole, and I think this positive attitude has contributed to my wish to work with youth in the criminal justice field. I would like to say many offenders break the law to help themselves (food, shelter, clothes), to help their families and their loved ones (protection, crossing foreign borders illegally), or maybe offenders are breaking the law for what they believe to be for the greater good (Edward Snowden, civil disobedience). Of course, I know not all offenders commit crimes for the reasons previously mentioned. Offenders can have a mental illness, which may prevent them from knowing right from wrong, and may not understand the repercussions of their actions. Some offenders are raised in an environment which promotes illegal behaviors. When children are raised in homes where criminal activity is part of their daily norm, they may continue this behavior into their teen years, and into adulthood. Other offenders may choose to harm others as revenge, or self-fulfilling “justice”. When a crime has been committed against
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