The Crime Of The Criminal Justice System

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Crime has been present ever since laws started being imposed; the only thing that seems to change is the type of crimes being committed. With the evolution of crimes comes the evolution of the Criminal Justice System. Crimes come from within the country being committed by citizens of this country but also from foreigners, such as illegal immigration, identity theft, and or terrorism. The FBI , Federal Bureau of Investigation, leads the country in its defense against all of these foreign attacks.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is our lead investigative department for our country; they protect our ountry as a whole while police departments lead the defense for our cities specifically. This department investigates severe crimes against people and our country. There are like the special forces sector of policing . The crimes that the FBI investigates are more elaborate and suffisticated which means they also have to stay ahead of everything with special forms of technology and investigative tools. The officers of this department are expert investigators with all of these tools at hand. (Sleeper, 2004).
One of the main things that these FBI agents look for are money trails. When an FBI agent finds the money provider they can further understand and put their finger on those who are committing these crimes. FBI agents collect information and analyze it for clues in order to be sure that the people they are pursuing are those guilty of the crime. The problem with getting to
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