The Crime Of The Drugs

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And she was possibly right. It’s entirely feasible that he had all of the drugs.
The police showed up and removed her. They never searched the place for drugs.
They didn’t even ask more than a few questions. They simply compelled the lady with the accent to grab her things and come with them. Jeremy thanked the officers for their help and that was that. It wasn’t much different when police would respond to a noise complaint at his place, “Please keep it down, sir,” is basically all they would say and they were gone.
It cannot be overstated just how much more privilege Wall Street traders, even nobody dick bags like Jeremy, have over you. He’s nothing, he‘s nobody, but you will get murdered by police if you dare raise a hand to him.
He might be nothing, but you, dear reader, are less than nothing.
After eight months, 926 total phone calls to NY’s 311 or 911 emergency phone line, repeated calls to the front desk, after personally stopping Gideon Gorjian on Water Street and confronting him about what was happening, finally Jeremy was evicted. After eight months of constant noise and destruction.
Can I just ask, dear readers, how many of you have ever met billionaire real estate moguls, or Robin Williams, Gary Sinise, Martha Stewart, Piers Morgan, Harrison Ford, Amy Schumer? Do you now even realize what a peasant you are to them? With the exception of Robin Williams and maybe some of the others, many celebrities wouldn’t bother stepping over your dying body to save their…

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