The Crime Rate On Los Angeles

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In David Knowles article on the crime rate on Los Angeles, “Crime rate in Los Angeles Falls for 10th straight year, making it the safest big city in America” highlights the statistics and improvements that Los Angeles has made to secure the gang nature and keep the city safe. He states, “Overall, violent crime fell by 8.3 percent, with the number of murders remaining low. Just 20 years ago there were 1,092 murders in Los Angeles. In 2012, the city recorded just 298” (Par 5). The statistics do show that less people are being killed, and the police are implementing gangs more. Knowles says that it is a “big achievement”. Not just murders have fallen, the gang activity in LA today has fallen drastically compared to how it was in the 80s and…show more content…
This provides an explanation for why gangs are affecting the youth. They sell the product to the teens and women in bulk in a low price still making profit. Then the teens and the women sell the drugs in smaller quantities for higher prices to their friends ,people in the streets, classmates and make they make profit through that. The teens and women that are making money through selling those drugs can also be users of those drugs also. Which can lead them to a lifestyle of just selling drugs and being an addict. Gangs today are a lot smarter than they were in the 80s and 90s. In the article by Bryan Passifiume “Police work hard to keep ahead of today’s smarter savvier organized crime” highlights the works of Sgt. Jason Walker which is about increased intelligence of gangs and ways that they run their organized crimes. In the article Walker states “Gangsters and organizations, they’re getting smarter”. (Section 4). Which is made possible because of benefit of transporting drugs with the use of the internet. To traffic their drugs and to stay in touch with other gang members. Walker
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