The Crime Types Of Crime In Criminological Crimes

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To explain the crime type of sexual offences, it is important to decipher how crime is made sense of, specifically exploring the definitions and attitudes to sexual offences. Exploring the crime throughout history and during the present day, so called, epidemic of sexual offences; laws, trends and attitudes will allow concepts to form as to how these views to sexual offences have impacted on theories with in criminological knowledge.
Crime is defined in the oxford dictionary as “An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law.” Criminologists look at change within the law, media reactions and statistical trend; to create theoretical views and concepts to explain crime and the criminal mind. A sexual offence is defined in the oxford dictionary as “The action or an act of forcing an unconsenting person to engage in sexual activity; a rape; (Law) a crime involving forced sexual contact, variously defined as inclusive or exclusive of rape.” Actual definitions are important in the understanding of a specific crime type and are regularly updated, especially when it comes to consent; through history, what acts as consent has been contested. Consent as of 2003 has been defined in section 74 of the sexual offences act (2003) “if he agrees by choice, and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice (CPS, 2017).” This means that consent may be implied, but can be withdrawn at any point. A sexual offence occurs if a sexual act occurs on the
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