The Crimes Of Pygmy Eyes

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Question One
Cephu had committed many crimes, one being what is probably one of the most heinous crimes in Pygmy eyes, and one that rarely occurs. His first and less major sin was to refuse to share and participate with the other hunters and families. He had gone off to make a camp and fire of his own, even though the group was supposed to be working together and had a mutualistic relationship. His other crime was the major one and what everyone in the camp had been waiting for. Not only did he name a dead woman, an unheard offense but also he denied that she was his mother. Even though there was only the most distant relationship, and that by marriage, it was equivalent to asserting that he did not belong to the same group as Ekianga and Manyalibo and the rest. Even though Cephu had committed a heinous crime, the case was settled simply and effectively. He was ignored and not offered a chair and had his food taken away from him and was ignored by the men in his camp. All of these actions may seem small but in the eyes of a Pygmy, none of these actions/punishments were quickly forgotten. Kelemoke had also committed a very serious crime; he had committed the crime of incest. Kelemoke tried to take refuge in a hut, but he was turned away with angry remarks, and a burning log was thrown after him. At this point three girls came running out of Cephu 's camp, right into the middle of the clearing. They carried knives and were shouting curses at Kelemoke and his family all while…

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