The Crimes Of The Common Law And State Statutes Made About Murder

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Dating before the creation of the common law, there have been actions that have harmed the lives of all people in any given society. Although the societies have tried to stop these acts, they still occur to this day. Well before modern civilization, people have argued about how to stop these crimes and how the offender should be punished. Many laws have changed throughout the existence of the common law, but the crimes have yet to stop being committed. For the second core essay, the class was asked to write about one of the crimes against persons. The crimes against persons include: murder, manslaughter, assault, and rape. These crimes occur when one of these actions are forced upon another individual. After reading about all the crimes against persons, it is abundantly clear that murder is the most devastating for the offender and the individual who lost their life. It is clear from looking at the history of the common law and state statutes made about murder, that most people want to heavily punish individuals who commit crimes of this nature. Within common law there are two things that help decide if an act is a crime, actus reus and mens rea. These two elements are said to be the physical and mental elements of any crime (Samaha, 2015, p. 97). Since the creation of the common law, the laws regarding murder have been steadily changing into what they have become today. In the early years of the common law, the idea of homicide was divided into two categories, murder and

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