The Crimes Of The Criminal Justice System

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When it comes being committed using technology, there are different types of crimes that can be committed. These crimes have been traditionally defined as either computer crimes or cybercrimes. The distinction in the two types of crimes seems to focus primarily on whether the crime can be committed without the use of technology and if the computer itself was actively involved with the crime. However, both types have created issues with the criminal justice system with how criminals are committing their crimes, the difficulties in law enforcement performing their duties, and the increased pool or potential targets and victims. Cybercrime is defined as “any crime that involves computers and networks, including crimes that do not rely heavily on computers” (Choi, 3). Cybercrime also consists of crimes that are illegal when committed without the use of technology (Choi, 3). These types of crimes range from cyberbullying, exploitation of children, and online harassment (Moore, 4). The types of crimes can be committed without the use of technology, but have become more prevalent due to how more easy the crimes are to commit with the use of technology. Child exploitation is a prime example as it is growing at a fast rate due to the opportunities online. Child exploitation is a growing issue online as there are numerous avenues that offenders can use to meet their perverse needs. There is the traditional avenue of sharing child exploitation material through email or P2P
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