The Crimes and Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer

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Name Professor Date The Crimes and Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer The people who knew Jeffrey Dahmer best never suspected that there was a grotesque serial killer within their mist. As a young boy Dahmer was extremely vicious, he loved to imitate mentally challenged people like it was the best game he had ever played. He was considered funny by his class mates but, in a very cruel way. During high school, his fellow classmates defined him as definitely a bit different but not dangerous. Little did anyone know that this was when Jeffery Dahmer started on his bloody progression into murderous criminality. Before his crimes, Dahmer wasn't unfamiliar with the dead, while young he would collect dead animals for fun as he was only amused by the bizarre. After his mother and father got a divorce something in Dahmer snapped and led him to kill his first victim Stephen Hicks. Dahmer invited this hitchhiker to his home for some beers. Even though hicks agreed towards the end when he wanted to leave Dahmer stopped, bludgeoned and strangled him. He then smashed his bones with a sledgehammer and scattered them in the woods behind his home. Being fascinated by death, Dahmer decided to join the Army after not being able to make it at a university. He wanted to be a military policeman but instead settled with being a medical orderly. This is when Dahmer expanded his knowledge on the human anatomy. He was later discharged for alcohol abuse. After not being able to find a job he moved in

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