The Criminal Case Of Dr. Richard Heartman, An Internal Medicine Physician

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Health insurance fraud is what drives up health insurance premium costs, wastes taxpayer’s money, but can also endanger beneficiaries or leave them uninsurable. In 2015, Medicare Strike Force reported over $700 million in false billing by doctors, nurses, other licenses medical professionals, laboratories, and individuals ( This is a staggering figure that is only getting worse. In this fictitious federal case I will be describing the criminal offender, the crime that was committed, the charge handed down by law enforcement, and the judicial process from the beginning of the criminal case to the sentencing of Dr. Richard Heartman, an internal medicine physician.
The Defendant
Defendant Richard Heartman, a licensed internal
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Charges The U.S. Attorney General, or prosecutor Amita Anders, provided the grand jury all the evidence and testimony from witnesses, who voted to indict Dr. Richard Heartman based on the strong evidence by the U.S. Attorney General, which was able to establish Dr. Heartman was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. On January 31, 2016, FBI agents arrive at his office at Heartless Rd, Heartotack, Illinois and place Dr. Heartman under arrest. He is read his Miranda rights and has been advised of the charges against him. Because he has been determined to be a flight risk, he will be detained in the county jail until his arraignment.
Defendant Heartman, has been charged with 10 counts of wire fraud, for knowingly caused to be transmitted by means of wire communication in interstate commerce from the account of Medicare at Citibank in Indianapolis to the defendants account at JP Morgan Chase in Heartotack, Illinois, which represents the payments by Medicare on all claims submitted from 2005-2015 by all the individuals. This is a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343 (Cornell Law, 2016).
Defendant Heartman also has been charged with 10 counts of U.S. Mail fraud, for knowingly caused to be delivered by United States mail, envelopes containing checks from commercial and private health insurance carriers, which represented the payments by the
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