The Criminal Defense Attorney And Jack Mccoy 's Friend Of 25 Years

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Paul Kopell is a criminal defense attorney and Jack McCoy 's friend of 25 years. He started working for the Dosso Crime Family as their inside counsel and conspired with them to commit crimes.

House Counsel
Known Victims
Paul met and married a woman named Anna. He started attending New York University together with McCoy in 1970, and both joined the baseball team, where Paul served as point guard. While Paul was on the team, they beat their medical school rivals three years in a row. The two became best friends and McCoy became friends with Anna as well. They all stayed friends after graduation, even though Paul and McCoy opted for opposing occupations: McCoy a prosecutor and Paul a defense attorney. At some point, Paul was hired to represent a local crime boss, Vincent Dosso. Over time, Paul became immersed into the Dosso crime family and started helping facilitate their activities. To this end, Paul pays an elderly woman living in apartment 2G above Dosso 's social club for the use of her apartment, whenever she leaves town, by members of the Dosso family to discuss their criminal dealings. Paul sits in on some of these meetings. He overhears Dosso and one of his hitmen, John Furini, discuss and plan the murders of several people, including labor boss John O 'Malley. When Dosso is arrested for O 'Malley 's murder, Paul constructs jury questionnaires to find a juror susceptible to bribery. One of Dosso 's henchmen then bribed…
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