The Criminal Justice System And Crime Prevention

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INTRODUCTION: Deterrence or rational choice, which one is the better, or should I say wiser theory to follow when it comes to the criminal justice system and crime prevention. Using extreme capacitation (Deterrence) can be an effective punishment for many in our society, however, there will still be a small portion of our society that will still commit crimes. The majority of the society would use good-ole common sense (Rational Choice) and not commit crimes in the first place.
Deterrence and Rational Choice are two theories that our criminal justice system have in place to prevent criminals from committing crimes. Of the many types of deterrence that is available to use that displays our societies consequences, we are going to look at two types of deterrence, General and Specific. General deterrence can be viewed by society as a whole. It allows everyone to both view the crime committed and to see the punishment that follows the crime. i.e. 10 years in prison for robbery or the rest of your natural life in prison for the crime of murder.
In this example, the criminal justice system puts on display the punishment for the crimes committed. This is a type of formal sanctions. If done properly, correct penalty can have an impacts on the offenders’ choice on crime. According to the video “In order for deterrence to work though, the punishment had to be Severe, Swift, and Certain.” (Slide 6). Without severe, swift, and certain punishment some people in our society
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