The Criminal Justice System Biased? Law Enforcement

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Is the criminal justice system biased? Law enforcement has used techniques such as criminal profiling to achieve the responsibility of protecting and serving society. How they use this practice is the key to whether the system is biased. Criminal profiling is a research method used by law enforcement professionals to select the potential suspects of a specific crime. Zapf (2011) stated “Criminal profiling is the process of identifying behavioral tendencies, personality traits, geographic location, and demographic or biographic descriptors of an offender based on the characteristics of a particular crime” (para.1). Simply explained, specialists such as crime scene investigators look at the crime and try to fit a suspect to that crime based on a number of factors. Those factors could be what the crime scene looks like, the victim, and the area where the crime was committed. Based on those factors a profiler could predict who the offender may be and additional information regarding personality, psychological traits, and social status. For example, the crime is a murder, the victim is a white, thirteen year old boy, the crime scene is completely organized so no evidence is found, and lastly the crime was committed in a suburban area. Gathering all this information, a profiler may predict the offender is a black man, slim build between the ages of 30-35, perhaps has OCD, or is currently unemployed. Now to locate the suspect is up to police officers to use the characteristics
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