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The Criminal Justice System After speaking with several different individuals, I think the reason I chose to use the responses and thoughts of Alissa C. in my paper is because she had straight yes and no answers with thoughtful explanations, and she had very few "I don't know" or "maybe" type answers. Alissa C. seemed genuinely concerned about the state of the criminal justice system and, obviously, had given it a great deal of thought over time. I advised Alissa C. that my inquiry would cover the issues of police, the court system and our correctional system. As an afterthought, I also told her I would like her thoughts on gun control. I asked Alissa C. if she felt safe in her home, her place of employment, and any travels…show more content…
I next put our court system in front of Alissa C. and asked her about her basic knowledge of the workings of the court system. She seemed quite knowledgeable of the divisions and levels of our court system. Alissa C. knew the difference between small claims, civil, probate, family, etc.) and criminal divisions, and indicated that she knew there was state court, federal courts and different levels of appeals, such as Illinois Appellate Courts, U.S. Court of Appeals, Illinois Supreme Court and on up the ladder. I asked her if she felt our court system was sufficient. She appeared a bit agitated over that question and indicated that the courts work as well as the laws allow. She stated her knowledge of the court system was as follows: a criminal commits a crime, the criminal gets arrested, the criminal obtains a lawyer or is assigned a public defender, the case is prepared for trial by lawyers researching case law, etc., case is presented to a judge and jury, jury decides the issues and renders a verdict. Alissa C. was adamant that if a person commits a crime that they should be punished for the extent of the crime. She knows that there are some lawyers with better reputations than others and some with more ethics. She referenced that a lawyer should be able to take a case because he believes in it, but knows better -- because in today's society, often the law is about earning high amounts of money and a lawyer will take a client

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