The Criminal Justice System [In Canada] Aims To “Deliver

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The Criminal Justice System [in Canada] aims to “deliver justice for all, by convicting and punishing the guilty and helping them to stop offending, while protecting the innocent” (Garside, 2008), however, this definition curated by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is inherently vague and does not encompass numerous vital aspects associated with the criminal justice system. A key component in the institutional structure of the criminal justice system is the involvement and integration of the government. In Canada, the government openly plays an integral role in the formations of policies, regulations, and procedures within the justice system, however, policies, regulations and procedures that are not directly linked to the criminal…show more content…
Interestingly, before European colonization, this Aboriginal community was considerably prosperous – however, this changed once European colonizers arrived and began to implement policies (Linden, 2016). The repercussions of colonization along with policies implemented by the present government continues to damage the prosperity of the Innu. For an example, the entire settlement was forced to relocate their entire community three times in order to ‘improve’ economic conditions (Linden, 2016). In each one of these moves administered by the Federal Government – the Innu were faced with countless problems. First, the economic ‘prosperity’ that the moves were administered for simply did not exist, instead, the Innu found themselves secluded and increasingly unemployed (Linden, 2016). In addition to low employment rates, the Innu were also isolated from all of society, as the island they were relocated to was only accessible by air in certain months (Linden, 2016). New housing developments were not equipped with necessities such as running water, sewage systems, and electrical outlets. To make matters worse, the Innu were forced (by the government) to change their traditional governing system (a family-based system) to a single leader
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