The Criminal Justice System Is A Big Part Of Why We Have Order

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The criminal justice system is a big part of why we have order. If there was no criminal justice system and its components that keep it running, the population would run wild. There are three major components of the criminal justice system, the criminal courts, corrections, and law enforcement. These components help uphold the law and protect people from others who do break the law. The world is not perfect, but there have been many examples in real life and in literature and films that show what a world would be like without a stable justice system. The outcomes of those worlds are filled with anarchy and conflict, therefor they never end well. With these components, it leads to a stable criminal justice system, which would not exist…show more content…
It is something people have learned since they were children, rules are made to protect, not to limit. The first major component of the criminal justice system is law enforcement. These are the people that are seen every day in the public actively upholding the law and making sure others do as well. The officers in this area are patrol officers, sheriffs, federal officers, detectives, and many more. They are the first responders to any sort of law breaking in a community and are the first step. While they are in charge of seeing that the public upholds the law, they also investigate crimes and apprehend criminals. Since they are the first responders in a criminal situation, they must make sure they know an individual’s rights and what they can and cannot be doing. Officers in law enforcement need to be aware of their own rights as well as citizens’ rights so they do not breach them or violate those rights. If there is a violation it can damage a case that goes on to the courts, and a criminal could walk free. The next major component of the criminal justice system is the criminal courts. The name is explanatory, it is where a criminal will defend their case and it will be decided if they are innocent or guilty. The important players in the courts are the prosecutors, defenders, the judges, and the jury to name a few. The judges and district attorneys are elected officials in their counties. Prosecutors are elected officials that are
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