The Criminal Justice System Is A System

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Susan Mellen: Wronfully Convicted The criminal justice system is a system that prides itself on being able to help control crime and implement penalties to those that commit crimes. There is a specific way into which a person enters the justice system. First, a crime is committed. The crime is reported and that leads to an investigation. Once the investigation is completed and there is enough evidence, an arrest can be made (The Criminial Justice System, 2008). But what happens if something goes wrong within the investigation? What happens if there is a lot of pressure to make an arrest in the case? The answer is that people get wrongfully convicted. When an investigation is not done correctly, it can cause innocent people, such as Susan Marie Mellen, to be wrongfully convicted and spend many unnecessary years in prison. Susan Mellen, a mother of three children, was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1997. Susan was tried and convicted in the murder of Ricky Daly, her one time boyfriend. Ricky’s body was found gagged, bound, and set on fire after being violently attacked with a hammer (CBS, 2014). The night of the attack Susan was with both of her daughters and her current boyfriend’s father, Jim. Susan and her boyfriend Tom were moving into a new house. That is when Ricky was attacked in an abandoned house. There were many reports to police that Ricky was killed by members of a gang. Those gang members names were “Wicked”, “Ghost”, and “Payaso” (Innocence Matters, 2014).

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