The Criminal Justice System Is Complex

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Overview: The criminal justice system is complex and in need of several types of reforms, this is especially true in the juvenile justice system. In 2012, there were 1,319,700 arrests of juveniles in the United States (OJJDP) and this includes both violent and non-violent offenses committed by those under the age of 18. Policy reforms can offer alternatives to the incarceration of young offenders, by providing mental health, or addiction rehabs for those that are in need of it rather than locking them up. This not only helps keep the amount of juveniles down but also can be a preventative in recidivism. Some believe that juveniles should be punished by the same laws that apply to the adult offenders while others look to rehabilitation…show more content…
Another factor for reform is that some policies “fail to calculate the long-term social costs of categorical punishment” (Scott & Grisso, 1997 p. 139) when their behavior is affected by drug or alcohol addiction, family and/or behavioral issues that leads them to do criminal acts. Competing Interpretations: In a perfect world both conservatives and liberals would agree on everything, when it comes to policy issues and reforms that is not always the case. It is important that both sides come to an agreement on policy issues especially when it comes to the futures of young people as the decisions they make can either help or hinder those in the system. On the topic of criminal justice reform however, both sides seem to agree that reform is needed. For the most part, liberals look at man as good naturally and that “there is no absolute standard of morality to be taught and adhered to by citizens” (Passrob,2010 para. 3 ) and that crime is a byproduct of one surroundings. They feel that society should be held responsible for the lack of material needs that leads to crime and that would corrupt a person that would be naturally good. The conservatives do not believe that society should be held responsible for a person’s corruption but rather they are “responsible for his or her criminal acts and
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