The Criminal Justice System Is Made Up Of Many Complex Components That All Work Together Essay

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The criminal justice system is made up of many complex components that all work together in order to maintain law and order in society. Of the different parts in the judicial system, criminal courts play a vital role in the execution of justice not only for the victim, but the community as well. Accordingly, criminal courts in the United States have been used to maintain social control of citizens and create social change within the population (Hartley & Champion, 2009). Because every state and the federal government have differing methods on how to prosecute criminals, the process seemingly becomes difficult to comprehend and follow. Some states utilize a standardized sentencing structure where as others afford the judge more leeway in deciding sentence terms. Criminal court is open to the general public for viewing; therefore, attending a session is presumably one of the more hands on methods of researching criminal justice in order to evaluate how the system works at the community level. The intent of this paper is to reflect on the criminal court proceedings witnessed at a local criminal court session, explain and understand the roles of all in the courtroom setting, and analyze cases in regards to the administration of justice. Cumberland County, North Carolina hears criminal cases Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon sessions. On September 29th, the General Court of Justice, District Court Division, County of Cumberland had quite a long
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