The Criminal Justice System Is Not Child Focused

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“Despite minor structural and cultural shifts in practice, the criminal justice system is not child focused, therefore increasing children’s vulnerability within this system ” Although the law in an ideal world is one that considers all demographics and social background, it sometimes overlooks issues dealing with children in the legal system. The social constructs of law relate it to be something of complexity, where one’s rights and protections are imagined to be difficult to find. The law is an historic and modern aspect of the world, ensuring uniformity. It is important for the law to become not only a creator, but also a product of its environment. For society to accept the law and for its effectiveness, it must be made in ways reflect societal values. Children in the legal system is an important aspect of law. Many people are prone to the law, where the legal system must respond accordingly. New South Wales requires witnesses and victims, even if they are children to give evidence in trials, to which this is usually confusing and difficult for them. The law needs to be holistic in how it responds to children, beyond that of the Evidence Act . The law should respond to the needs of child witnesses, as their role in trials could mean psychological effects for them. Although children within the legal system are ensured protection and power, sometimes the legal system does not usually treat child witnesses that much differently to that of an adult as a result of
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