The Criminal Justice System Is Not Perfect

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The criminal justice system is not perfect, although it has its rewards when justice is being served to either a victim or a suspect. A part of the criminal justice policy I will analyze sentencing for psychopaths and juveniles. Should psychopaths plead insanity for their irresponsible actions. Should the judicial system keep juveniles in prison or let them out due to their age? Are juveniles irresponsible in a result of that they know not what they do? According to the 8th amendment, it states, Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. A lot of states seem to have their way of doing things in finding ways how they can impose cruel and unusual punishment. Psychopaths are among us, and they’re growing vastly in many communities. Should we accuse mental cases of their unsafe activities? A significant part of the late open deliberation over this inquiry has concerned the limits of mental cases, and specifically, whether they are fit for learning. A few scholars have contended that mental cases ' deficiencies in sympathy cause them to experience issues with the securing of good ideas. These challenges in this way involve that they need good obligation about their activities. An article I read “The campaign for the fear sentencing of youth”, states that more than 25 percent of people is serving life without parole. After being sentenced as children were convicted of felony murder or accomplice
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