The Criminal Justice System Is The Protection Of Its Citizens From Criminal Victimization

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Alaysia Murphy
Professor Sanchez
CRJ 120-02
30 November 2015
Final Writing Assignment
One of the most fundamental functions of any civilized society is the protection of its citizens from criminal victimization. In the United States, the primary responsibility for protecting innocent people from those who would harm them rests with the criminal justice system. In the United States, the criminal justice system is divided into three categories: federal, state and military. In addition to these three categories, each state has separate divisions that deal with adult and juvenile cases.There are three components of the criminal justice system; policing, the court system, and correction. The policing component of the criminal justice system is comprised of the police department and the officers who enforce the laws.
The court system component is comprised the court and the court process. In this component is where criminals are able to have their due process based upon their constitutional right. The corrections component is where the sentences of criminals are conveyed and facilitated. Correctional agencies can include jails, prisons, and rehabilitation centers (MacKenzie). These components work in conjunction to prevent crimes and to punish those who have committed them, but can also work individually to complete specific tasks.
The ultimate goal of the criminal justice system is to detain, incapacitate, and rehabilitate. The criminal justice system is often broken down
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