The Criminal Justice System: Media Violence and Social Justice

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Introduction The criminal justice system contains different aspects such as the due process, restorative justice, crime control and social justice models. Criminal justice contains both historical and social content of crime. This article discusses a claim made by many journals, articles and the entertainment results. The claim states that children and adults who are exposed to the media are aggressive and violent. According to such articles, violent content provokes aggressive behavior and violence. Ferguson illustrates that watching satanic content, like in Harry Potter, or teaching of witchcraft can lead to Satanism or mental illness. According to Ferguson (2008), books, rock, jazz, television and watching movies in the media, leads to a wave of moral degradation, rebelliousness and violence. They also clam that new media like internet and video games inevitably cause fear and waves of politicians, and advocates raise concerns over the fate of vulnerable teenagers and children. This point of view raises a lot of controversy in respect to violence in television, and film fiction raising the question whether such violence causes further violent behavior in viewers (Ferguson, 2008). According to Aaron's journal, concerns about the media have also taken other public forms including entering to political debates about law and order. This has featured arguments about whether media cause unreasonable fear of crime in the context these concerns. This point of view can be
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