The Criminal Justice System Of Nigeria

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The Criminal Justice System of Nigeria In the World Fact book of Criminal Justice Systems Nigeria, Obi N.I. Ebbe discusses the fact that Nigeria consists of a federation of 30 states with a National Assembly and a Senate at the federal level (1997). Under the Nigerian Constitutions of 1979 and 1991 there are separate federal and state courts with one Supreme Court. There is a court in every state and a Chief Justice who acts as the State Minister of Justice. Nigeria is primarily and English State country so the majority of the states follow an English Common Law tradition, with twelve states following an Islamic law tradition (Ebbe, 1997). Law Enforcement The main system of Law Enforcement in Nigeria is the Police force. The police force is a hierarchical pattern such as the British and the United State Police force (Ebbe, 1997). The head of the police force is the Inspector-General, and he is in charge of all police squads in Nigeria, as well as the maintenance and security of public order and safety (Ebbe, 1997). Each of the 30 states has a Commissioner of Police that is in charge of the police force in that state. He answers to the Inspector-General. The police forces of each division and county write daily and monthly reports of police operations to turn into the state headquarters in order to keep the counties accountable. The reports from each state and then turned into the police headquarters in Lagos. There is where the Criminal
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