The Criminal Justice System

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The reason why the Criminal Justice System (CJS) exists is to ensure justice is delivered –punish the guilty and help them stop offending, while at the same time protect the innocent. The penal system often employs different measure, some of which may involve the deprivation of fundamental human rights, such as freedom. Nevertheless, they are often justified on the basis of requirements of just social order and beneficial impact. The ongoing political debate and media coverage seem to be constantly accusing the CJS of leniency and inability to take appropriate actions, requiring it to issue harsher punishments.
A measure often employed by the courts has been the custodial sentence. Unfortunately, however, courts and politicians have preached on that punitive approach for too long. The prison population in 1992 was 45,800 and by 2007 it had risen to 80,804 and predictions are that it would increase to 95,800 by 2015.
This paper is going to try and answer the following questions: Are prisons so effective that we keep sending people over? If not, should we consider other alternatives? In order to do that first I will look at the origins and initial purpose of prison. Afterwards, I will examine the relationship between imprisonment rates and crime rates, and the detrimental effects that prison could have on inmates. Then, I will continue with presenting various proposals on how to improve the prison system and whether there are any other alternatives to…
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