The Criminal Justice System

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The reason why the Criminal Justice System (CJS) exists is to ensure justice is delivered –punish the guilty and help them stop offending, while at the same time protect the innocent. The penal system often employs different measure, some of which may involve the deprivation of fundamental human rights, such as freedom. Nevertheless, they are often justified on the basis of requirements of just social order and beneficial impact. The ongoing political debate and media coverage seem to be constantly accusing the CJS of leniency and inability to take appropriate actions, requiring it to issue harsher punishments.
A measure often employed by the courts has been the custodial sentence. Unfortunately, however, courts and
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Lastly, I will briefly conclude.

In the beginning of the 19th, when people started being sent to prison, prisoners were to be isolated by themselves with nothing else but the Bible. They were to study it and find different paths for their souls. Prison became a place of rehabilitation, restoration or alteration of the individual, rather than a place of punishment. The upsurge of a criminal class in the 19th century made people doubt prisons and require harsher punishments for criminals. By the 1900 the prison system had found a symbolic place, both in the mind of the public and the practice of the courts, as the harshest measure of punishment.
Since WW II there has been a decrease in the public conviction of prisons as reforming institutions - a decrease supported by high reconviction rates of those who had experienced incarceration. It seems, however, that politicians still equate the use of imprisonment as a positive way to ‘get tough’ on crime and respond to modern fears.
According to Rule 1 and 2(3) of the Prison Rules “the treatment of prisoners shall be at all time to encourage their self-respect and to assist them to lead a good and useful life”. However, in the opinion of the Committee, prison is, first, a detention measure and after that, an environment which is to assist prisoners to become better people. Also, prison is expected to discourage crime by minimizing the prospects of reoffending after release.
Even though the Conservative and
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