The Criminal Justice System

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Within Canada, the central purpose of the Criminal Justice system is to implement social control, prevent and identify crime and to prosecute those who breach the law. However, though the criminal justice system deals with all of these various components as a whole, the responsibility of each is divided between a variety of authority. The court is an area of the justice system that a significant weight of responsibility is placed upon, as the court essentially plays a multifaceted role in determining the innocence or guilt of a subject. (Griffiths, 147) Furthermore, one of the most difficult tasks asked of the courts is the principle of judicial independence. Essentially, judicial independence ensures that citizens are given the absolute right to have their cases tried by tribunals that are fair, impartial, and immune to any from of political interference. (Griffiths, 147) Therefore, through primary analysis of the criminal justice system, many observations were made of the various processes and structures of the courts. The criminal justice system, being quite complex, was difficult to analyze but within a day of court, the practices and procedures of the system were outlined with clarity. Despite the justice system containing an array of components, three main elements stood out that were actively exercised in the courthouse. These various elements include professionals known as the courtroom work group who actively facilitate all aspects of trial, the demanding

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