The Criminal Justice System in Canada

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Every country has a justice system in place in their society in order to maintain peace and equality. The Criminal Justice System gives civilians the opportunity to receive integrity through a legal system while giving them a fair chance to deal with negligence and misconduct. There are several components that work together to enforce the purpose played by the Criminal Justice System. Most obviously, it includes the rules and laws entrenched in the Charter and Constitution in which prosecutors and judges base their decisions. Secondly, it consists of the parliament who is responsible for putting these laws together. Then come the enforcement agents such as police officers and defense attorneys who regulate society using these rules.…show more content…
Therefore, it would become more reasonable for the environmental harm issue to be labeled as a mere offence rather than being administered through the Criminal Code. This issue leads into another problem. Another con we can explore is the dispute in regards to over-criminalization. Laws are constantly being broken and the more restrictions set on a society, the more opportunities there will be for people to disobey what they have been constraint from. In the 1960’s and 70’s, a committee was formed by the name of the Ouimet Committee. Their purpose was to principle how the Criminal Justice System should be enforced in order to protect all members of society. This included the offenders, with focus on serious, harmful and dangerous conduct. They said that the basic purpose of criminal law should be carried out with no more interference with the freedom of individuals than is necessary. This supports what was mentioned above, since everyone needs to have the ability to be free and not ruled by a higher class. The term over-criminalization is used to refer to too many unnecessary punishments. This is relative when referring to environmental harm since being locked in a jail cell wouldn’t help the situation. In fact, sending people to prison would be completely excessive. First off, if the new law were passed as part of the Criminal Code, it would mean that more people would be committing offences,
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