The Criminal Liability Of John

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Introduction The following analysis shall go in depth into the criminal liability of John in a hypothetical incident which occurring January 2016 in Armidale. John is a divorcee father of two children, namely William and Ned. His children are aged 20 and 14 years old respectively. During the course of a family dinner John commits several crimes in a fit of rage as detailed below which result in the death of his two sons. Summary of Events The hypothetical incident occurred between John, and his two sons William and Ned aged 20 and 14 years old respectively. The aforementioned incident occurred during the course of dinner and wine. William and Ned had both made mention of their mother, Ellen, who had separated from John and the subsequent end of their relationship. As the conversation continued John quickly became enraged due to a sense of underappreciation and rejection. A neighbour, Grace, heard the commotion and knocked at the door. John threatened Grace and she quickly left frightened. John proceeds to punch William who hits his head which causing him to lose consciousness. Ned runs out the front door in fear of what might happen to him, Joh n slams the door telling Ned not to return. William remained unconscious on the ground, John told him to get up. John then proceeded to go to bed. William never regains consciousness and is dead by morning, Ned dies of exposure as a result of an exceptionally cold night. Analysis The first potentially criminal act John commits is a
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