The Criminal Mind, What Does One Know About It? All One

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The criminal mind, what does one know about it? All one hears about is what a criminal did wrong. One never hears the reason behind why the individual did the crime. Isn’t one curious as to how the mind of criminal works? That’s why there are people who study for years trying to learn the concept of getting inside a criminal’s mind. These individuals are known as a criminal psychologist. The job of a criminal psychologist is to study the wills, thoughts, intentions, and reactions of criminals. The purpose of criminal psychology is to determine what plays a role in the criminal behavior. When someone mentions criminal psychology, criminal profiling may be the first thing that comes to mind. Criminal profiling is an analysis done by law…show more content…
This isn’t fair to the individuals in prison nor to the society outside of prison. If one isn’t getting the help they need, who will stop them from losing it? (Good Therapy) To determine the life of a criminal one must get into that criminal’s mind. This is when criminal psychologist become useful. One may not realize it but getting inside a criminal’s mind is a difficult task to accomplish. Therefore, making the job of the criminal psychologist basically impossible. Don’t be too discouraged, criminal psychologists’ soon thought of a method to observe and fully understand what makes someone commit a crime. The method used is simulating environments meant for offender behavior. Through these simulations, ex-burglars and postgraduate students were recruited to willingly participate in mock burglaries. Through these simulations, it was discovered that the ex-burglars approached the task dramatically different from how the students did. Through this, it was established what made a criminal mind different from your typical person is the perception one has of things. The criminal mind is extremely difficult to understand, but what has been established from the simulation done thus far is the emotion a criminal is feeling connects directly to the thought processes character of expertise. This has a strong effect on how difficult it is to give up the crime. How can one truly understand a criminal if one doesn’t know the hardships these individuals faced? (NY

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