The Criminalization Of Drugs Has Filled The Jails Across

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The criminalization of drugs has filled the jails across Canada with people who have addiction problems, or substance abuse disorder, rather than criminality. The drug problem in our society has not been deterred, but in fact it has grown. This criminality has made it so that addicts are forced to break the law to obtain their drugs, as well as have to break the law to finance their addiction, rather than being offered the help and support that a person with substance abuse disorder requires to get better. The only true way to advance the war on drugs is to completely alter the current approach, as prohibition does not work any better now than it did in the early 1900’s with alcohol. The trend in drugs being cut with more dangerous drugs…show more content…
No one chooses to lose their freedom and self-control, and life to drugs. People who get stuck in that cycle need help more than anything, not to be persecuted, arrested, and forced to hide their actions because it’s criminal. Those people you walk by on the streets and can just tell that they’re high out of their mind, and peg them as just a drug addict, they could be anyone of us. All it takes is to get into a bad place, such as being born into an abusive family, having a misfortune occur in your life that you emotionally cannot withstand, be witness to a traumatic event, or have mental illness go untreated. All these things are entirely out of people’s personal control. The blame the victim attitude of holding addicted people criminally responsible doesn’t do them any good, or act as a deterrent. If you treat people that have drug addictions as someone with an illness, and respond with treatment rather than incarceration, there would be a much higher chance of rehabilitation.
This understanding is well supported in statistical literature, from places that have been decriminalized.
Portugal decriminalized all drugs back in 2001. Since then they have seen a constant decrease in drug related deaths. Portugal had 80 drug-related deaths in 2001, and that continued to decrease to only 18 drug
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