The Criminological Theory For Mike Tyson

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The criminological theory for Mike Tyson is a classical theory. The criminological theory classical is “Crime occurs when the benefits outweigh the costs- when people pursue self- interest in the absence of effective punishments. Crime is a free-willed choice. See also deterrence, rational choice.” Mike Tyson allegedly raped her on July 19 in his hotel room. Mike Tyson was convicted with rape on March 26, 1992. That put a pause in the famous Mike Tyson boxing career for a while. Rape is a despicable crime that some can’t be forgiven or forgotten. Rape is an act of sexual violence towards another human being without their consents. It’s not only if you have their consent, they also have to be old enough. Rape will give you the consequences of going to jail. Doing so will affect the person that has committed it and the person that has been violated. Classical Theory applies to Mike Tyson in much different type of components. Mike Tyson wanted sex with a young female and he received it. That falls under the category of when you pursue self-interest. In many or almost all cases of rape it seems like it is self-interest. Once you commit rape you should know that there will be consequences if you are caught. But, in Mike Tyson case he claims that she gave him consent to have sex with the young female. So that believed Mike Tyson to not suffer any consequence because she gave him permission. The classical theory also applies to Mike Tyson because it also means that “crime is a
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