The Crisis And The Eurozone Crisis

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In dealing with current EU hot button topics, solutions are as many and varied as there are countries in the European Union itself. There are many aspects to a countries point of view on such issues including location, history, economy, political outlook, and so on. Because of these influences countries sharing similar histories, locations, economic standings, and etc. band together to create voting blocs in order to get their agendas pushed forward. This paper will discuss the viewpoints of Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania with respect to the refugee crisis and the Eurozone crisis as related by several meetings of representatives from each country. After reading this briefing, Bulgaria citizens should be aware of our country’s feelings…show more content…
With the help of the United Kingdom and other countries, this wall will be replaced and construction for a new wall along the Greek border will also begin (BBM As an Alt. Route). Several policemen and the army are currently in place at the two borders (BBM As an Alt. Route), though their job is to maintain order only.. If the refugees manage to enter legally they are sent to one of three detention centers where they are met with appalling conditions: filthy surroundings, overcrowding, abject poverty, and no interpreters (BBM Legal & Org). For those who enter illegally, they often experience intense violence, getting beaten, shot, and/or killed by police or even average citizens (Amnesty International). This hatred stems in part from jealousy over the plight of refugees taking away from the troubles of impoverished Bulgarians and in part from hatred of the Bulgarian Muslim/Turkish minority. When the three countries came together on this issue a bit of push back was experienced as views on the refugees range from open to unsure to closed. Albania has taken over 75,000 refugees already and they wish to take in more, but they cannot support any more people economically. At this point, their Prime Minister wishes to close their borders but they cannot afford to deploy their army and their
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