The Crisis Of American Politics

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The authors of this book gave a vivid picture of how America has lost his way in the world that it invented. They went further to portray how America has been on a decline both economically and politically based on many challenges they are facing presently like inability to adapt to globalization, acclimatizing with the revolution in information technology, battling with chronic deficits because of its increasing weight on government, and pattern of excessive energy consumption. Additionally, they analyzed how China’s educational accomplishment, industrial mastery, and technological attainment remind them when America was in that position. Again, they explained how the crisis of American political system and the grinding down of the vital American ideals or morals have made it difficult for America to carry out the actions they urgently needs. Nevertheless, the authors expressed the opinion that, it all America irrespective the class one belong can move beyond psychological barrier, and pay attention to the problems and potential solutions with clarity, the problems can be indeed reversed. In addition, both authors strongly have faith that the recovery of American greatness is very possible. They went further to explain the need for Americans to go back to the drawing board and properly understand their history because it will help them in pushing the American renewal. Also, they went further to suggest some pillars of prosperity when adopted, will enable America to
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