The Crisis Of Bolivia As Economy

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From the New York Times article “Turnabout in Bolivia as Economy Rises From Instability” it seems as though, there has been growth at last for a country that came from a history of instability. Inflation is at minimal and with their well planned budget, the poorest country in South America, Bolivia is continuing to thrive with a 6.5 percent growth rate in their economy, last year, which is currently one of the highest rates in Latin America. Bolivia has advanced into an example, an example, for all other countries to want to possibly follow in the future. The Author, William Neuman, used this passage as followed: Tucked away in the shadow of its more populous and more prosperous neighbors, tiny, impoverished Bolivia, once a perennial economic basket case, has suddenly become a different kind of exception — this time in a good way. Furthermore, Bolivia has now an accumulated valuable amount of rainy-day fund of foreign reserves. Ana Corbacho, the International Monetary Fund’s chief of mission said of Bolivia’s growth: “Bolivia has in a way been an outlier. The general trend is we have been revising down our growth forecast, except for Bolivia we have been revising upward” (William Neuman Pg.1). Currently, they have received praise from the International Monetary Fund and further international financial institutions. These compliments come as a surprise, considering that Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, has numerous times criticized and insulted those institutions. He often

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